"Waterfalls" Funny Misheard Song Lyrics

by TLC

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Misheard "Waterfalls" Lyrics

Go, Go, Jason... water calls
Go Go Jason Wonderful
Don't go, chasing waterfalls. Listen to
Go, go Jason Waterfall
Listen to the Rivers and the lakes that
Don't go Jason Waterfall, please stick t
Go, Go, Jason Waterfalls
Go go trains and basketballs
And if his tummy's in a jam, she'll be b
Go, go Jason waterfalls, listen to the r
Go Go Jason Waterfalls, Blistex to the r
Go! Go Jason! Suck my balls
Don't go Jason waterfalls, please stick
Don't go Jason Waterford
Dont go jason water calls beans stick to
go go jason water balls
dont go making phony calls
go go jason wonderful
Don't go chasin' watermelons
don't going chasing waterfalls please st
gon gon jason waterfalls plistic to the
Go go trains and basketballs
Don't Go Jason Waterfalls
Don't go Jason Waterfalls
Oh Oh Jasons waterfalls plastic over sli
and if little tommy's in a jam
I seen a rainbow yesterday But too many
don't go, jason waterfalls
Go go raging waterfalls
Go go Jason waterfalls
Oh no Jason what a fall
Don't go Jason waterfalls, pee stick to
Don't go Jason Waterfalls
don't go Jason Waterfalls...
Go, go, Jason waterfalls
Don't go Jason Waterfalls
Don't go chasing wildcats
...Go, go Jason Waterfalls. Lookin at th
Don't go chasing waffles
Go, Go, Jason Waterfalls Just go to the
oh, oh, jason what a bum
Don't go Jason Waterfalls Stick to the r
Boo boo chains and waterfalls
Don't go, Jason! What a fall...
...Have tried to tease from my eyes, no
Hong Kong shades and waterfalls
Don't go Jason Waterfalls Please sing to
Don't go, Jason, water falls.
don't go chasin' waterfalls, listen to t
go go jason waterfalls pleestick to the
Don't go Jason Waffles
Don't go Jason Waterfalls
Go Go Jason Waterfalls

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