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    Artist: Toto

    Song: Africa

    The misheard: I left my brains...

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    Artist: Statler Brothers

    Song: Eve

    The Story: Don't eat the fruit in the garden, Eden,, It wasn't in God's natural plan., You were only a rib,, And look at what you did,, To Adam, the father of Man.

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    Artist: Queens of the Stone Age

    Song: You Can't Quit Me Baby

    The Story: You smell like goat, I'll see you in hell

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    Artist: Starship

    Song: Sarah

    The Story: All the b***h had said, all been washed in black

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    Artist: Iron Maiden

    Song: The Prisoner

    The Story: And my blunt is my ho now

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    Artist: Pearl Jam

    Song: Jeremy

    The Story: At home, drawing pictures, Of mounds of tots, With ham on top

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    1. Damon Albarn: Mr. Tembo
      In Chile, In Chile
    2. The Zutons: Remember Me
      This is not a Joe Cole friend
    3. Jennifer Lopez: All I have
      Pack your trunks and run along
    4. Clash: Rock The Casbah
      Lock the Task Bar
    5. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Down on the Corner
      Livin in the court boys supplant , where you need most everything
    6. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Born On The Bayou
      Born on the value
    7. Poison: Something To Believe In
      ...fought a losing war on a four inch shore to , find a country and a body in a bag.
    8. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising
      There's a bathroom on the right.
    9. Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody
      Sometimes I wish I'd never been farted on
    10. Cheap Trick: Dream Police
      The d**k police they live inside of my head, the , d**k police they come to me in my bed....
    11. The Adolescents: Amoeba
      Tony Hawk! (x4)
    12. The Rentals: The Man With Two Brains
      The year of Beyoncé
    13. Red Hot Chili Peppers: Under the Bridge
      Under the wish hotel
    14. 5 Seconds of Summer: Out Of My Limit
      You're just a little bit out of my liver. It's , been two years now you haven't even seen the rest , of me.
    15. Bring Me The Horizon: Shadow Moses
      This is sandpit turtle. Will we ever see the end? , This is sandpit turtle. Over and over again and , again.
    16. A Day To Remember: The Danger In Starting A Fire
      There's a danger in starting a fire, you never , know how many b*tches you'll burn.
    17. Psy: Gangnam Style
      Open Condom style
    18. Rush: Tom Sawyer
      The world is the world is Diphenhydramine
    19. Kansas: Point Of Know Return
      Was it you that said, "Haldol"
    20. Breaking Benjamin: Water
      'Cause I am I am an egg, The water's up to the knee
    21. George Michael: Outside
      And yes soft bean bag!
    22. Fall Out Boy: Uma Thurman
      I can move mountains, I can walk America, walk , America
    23. Shakira: Whenever Wherever
      Whatever, whatever
    24. Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit
      I'm a lion, I'm a vinyl, I'm a skittle, I'm a , Beatle
    25. Kent: Musik non stop
      Du sa mjau när du dansa, Har aldrig träffat nån som du, Du sa mjau när vi dansa, Musik non stop till slut, , (You said "Meoww" while dancing)
    26. Phil Collins: In the Air Tonight
      Hold on
    27. Kent: Musik non stop
      "Och du sa mjau när du dansar, Har aldrig träffat nån som du, Du sa mjau när vi dansar, Musik non stop till slut", , (translated to english:, "And you said meow when we dance, I've never met anyone like you, You said meow when we dance, Music non stop unt
    28. Caribou: Our Love
    29. Fuse ODG: T.I.N.A
      My jelly nah...
    30. The Neighbourhood: Sweater Weather
      One love, two mouse
    31. Queen: We Will Rock You
      Wavin' your sweater all over the place.
    32. Eric Clapton: Cocaine
      She don't like, she don't like, she don't like, , cocaine.
    33. Van Halen: Panama
      There you are
    34. Crown the Empire: Voices
      I'm baking a potato
    35. Fall Out Boy: Uma Thurman
      I can walk a miricle, walk a miricle
    36. KC and the Sunshine Band: Shake Your Booty
      shake shake shake! shake shake shake! shake your boobies! shake your boobies!
    37. Paul McCartney: Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
      Admiral Halsey notified Pete, he had to have a buzz or he couldn't get to sleep.
    38. Taylor Swift: Mine
      You push her off a ravine for the first time.
    39. Carrie Underwood: Cowboy Casanova
      He looks like a cool drink of water, but he's , candy-coated Desiree.
    40. Blake Shelton: Sangria
      Let you lick this head of mine
    41. Moby: Porcelain
      Hey, growbags, la la la
    42. Omi: Cheerleader
      I think that I found myself a jelly girl
    43. Scot Helman: Bungalow
      Pickin out your nose, Pickin out my nose , Give me a Rose, I don't care if it's stolen, Way up high, in your sweet little bungalow
    44. Whitesnake: Love Hunter
      Abuse myself
    45. The Beatles: Can't Buy Me Love
      Can't find me love hole, Everybody tells me so, Can't find me love hole, No no no, no
    46. Fitz and the Tantrums: Break the Walls
      Hey, lick the walls!
    47. Bruno Mars: Uptown Funk
      Uptown funky butt, uptown up your butt
    48. Macy Gray: Try To Say Goodbye
      I try to say goodbye and I choke, I am aware of my stubble., I can't hide it, its clear, I blow bubbles when you are not here.
    49. Taylor Swift: Shake It Off
      And the bakers gonna bake,bake,bake,bake,bake.
    50. Rihanna: I Found Love In a Hopeless Place
      We found love in a crowded place
    51. Miley Cyrus: Wreckingball
      I came in like a rainbow
    52. Bee Gees: More Than A Woman
      one legged woman
    53. My Chemical Romance: Party Poison
      You wanna get down, pick up the Gameboy
    54. Jack Johnson: From The Clouds
      You don't watch your f***in' mouth
    55. Meghan Trainor: Lips are Moving
      "You can find me domineering"
    56. Eagles: Life In The Fast Lane
      Life in the Vaseline
    57. Twenty One Pilots: Semi-Automatic
      I'm never what I like, I'm doubled sided. And I , just get high
    58. Fall Out Boy: Uma Thurman
      She wants to dance like Oops I Farted
    59. The Beatles: Can't Buy Me Love
      Oh bubby love
    60. Polly Cutter: One Day At A Time (TV Theme)
      Meet the toothless lady
    61. Mark Lindsay: Arizona
      There is so much
    62. Queensryche: The Needle Lies
      Don't ever trust, Don't ever trust an eagle, it flies, Don't ever trust, Don't ever trust an Eagle, when it flies, Flies, in flames
    63. Fetty Wap: Trap Queen
      I just left the Mull of Kintyre with my baby
    64. Walk The Moon: Shut up and dance
      I said, "You're holding back, ", She said, "Shut up that duck with me!"
    65. Mumford And Sons: Where are you now
      Do you ever think of me, In the quiet, in the ground?
    66. The Wedding Band: Susie
      I'm just sad that I promised you my toes and feet!
    67. Duran Duran: The Reflex
      Why don't you use it?, Try not to bruise it?, By darn don't lose it!
    68. Rihanna: Only Girl (In The World)
      I want you to love me, like I'm a hot guy
    69. AWOLNATION: Sail
      Blame it on my lady being a man.
    70. Prince: Kiss
      I just wanna extradite your kids
    71. Deep Purple: Space Truckin'
      Yeah yeah yeah yeah, the freaks had members that , could really swing
    72. Elton John: Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
      My sister looks cute in her birthday suit
    73. Maroon 5: Moves Like Jagger
      Moonlight dagger
    74. Aerosmith: Don't Want To Miss a Thing
      II want to stay here with you in this woman forever
    75. Cheap Trick: I Want You to Want Me
      until I, til I, Til I see you crying ...
    76. MC Ren: Ruthless for Life
      The size of yo titties right before your eyes, The size of yo titties cause it's do or die, The size of yo titties right before your eyes, You know why? (why?), Cause I'm Ruthless for life
    77. Nate Ruess: Nothing Without Love
      I am not tin without love, I'm but a chip stuck in the sand
    78. Mumford And Sons: After the storm
      And after the storm,, I run and run as the rains come, And I look hot, I look hot
    79. Mumford And Sons: Cold arms
      But in our bedroom you put blush on me
    80. Mumford And Sons: Monster
      Cast the beauty, Cast the queen, Cast the beauty, leave me.
    81. Fall Out Boy: Sugar, We're Going Down
      Wishing to be the freak s**t in your cheese
    82. Iggy Azalea: Fancy
      Can't you taste this scone?
    83. Elton John: I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
      I guess that's why they call it Frogger
    84. Led Zeppelin: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
      Living in the summer costs a lot
    85. Judas Priest: Riding On The Wind
      Million thousand dollars
    86. Judas Priest: Breaking the Law
      you don't know what it's like, you don't have a , glue
    87. The Grass Roots: Temptation Eyes
      I wanna ruffle myself.
    88. Judas Priest: Prisoner Of Your Eyes
      A little tie will help to kill the pain
    89. Ozzy Osbourne: Let Me Hear You Scream
      Let me hear your , Wardrobe!, Wardrobe!, Wardrobe!
    90. Saxon: Ride Like The Wind
      And I ride like a woman, you know
    91. Tool: The Pot
      When you pissed all over my back, hello!
    92. Pearl Jam: Jeremy
      Jeremy's smoking' grass again
    93. Tool: Stinkfist
      So I'll kink digging
    94. Tool: Aenima
      Fret for your herpes
    95. Tool: Schism
      The dangers of our second kissing
    96. Leona Lewis: Bleeding Love
      Keep breathing, keep, keep breathing
    97. The Cars: Bye Bye Love
      It's a Corn Beef sky..
    98. Queen: We Will Rock You
      Buddy you're a boy make a big nice cake in the street, Gonna be a big mad some day
    99. Jennifer Lopez: Booty
      Big, big bully, What you got a big bully
    100. Saxon: Ride Like The Wind
      It is the night, My light is weak