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Newest 100 Misheard Song Lyrics

Here are the newest 100 misheard song lyrics!

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  1. Lady Gaga: Bad Romance
    I want your llama and I want your revenge.
  2. Sam Smith: Stay with me
    But I still need elf, 'cause I'm just a man
  3. Eagles: Wasted Time
    Keanu Reaves had got you thinkin'
  4. Taylor Swift: Shake It Off
    And the bakers gonna bake, bake, bake, bake, bake
  5. Maroon 5: Pay Phone
    You say it's too late to be gay, but is it too late to , try?
  6. Berlin: Take My Breath Away
    In all that body lotion, somewhere there's a loving flame
  7. Kenny Rogers: Lucille
    Four hundred children that are crossing a field
  8. Alanis Morissette: You Oughta Know
    I want you to know, That i have beef for you
  9. Hanson: MMMBop
    so we just gone to Medicare, and the Indian man was there
  10. Katy Perry: Unconditionally
    All your insecurities, All your dirty long, long dreams
  11. Maroon 5: Makes Me Wonder
    I still don't have the pizza and you don't have , the time
  12. Red Hot Chili Peppers: Otherside
    I dont believe in space
  13. Bee Gees: You Should Be Dancing
    do it in your parents bed
  14. Ohio Players: Love Rollercoaster
    Lonely house cat of love
  15. Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Blinded by the Light
    Blinded by the light, , ripped up like a douche.
  16. Pink: Just Like a Pill
    I haven't moved from the spot where you left me, It must've been a bad shrimp.
  17. Iggy Azalea: Black Widow
    I'm a black widdle (as in a cute way to say little) baby
  18. Lana del Ray: Brooklyn Baby
    Well, my boyfriend's in a band, He plays guitar while I sit and read
  19. The Prodigy: Smack My b***h Up
    Snap my picture (pronounced pitcha)
  20. Duran Duran: Ordinary World
    Crazy summer zane
  21. Rascal Flatts: What Hurts The Most
    What hurts the most is feeling so exposed
  22. Imagine Dragons: Radioactive
    "I'm ready to whack you! Ready to whack you!"
  23. John Mayer: Daughters
    Girls become lemons, who turn into melons.
  24. Eric Hutchinson: Rock & Roll
    Lately it's been a big hassle, Buying the king a new castle
  25. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Down on the Corner
    Willy goes into a dance, and the Devil's on the , loose.
  26. Queen: Somebody to Love
    Each morning I wank off a dialect.
  27. Jay-Z: Renegade
    say that I'm foolish I only talk about jews
  28. Luscious Jackson: Naked Eye
    With my naked a**hole
  29. Poison: Talk Dirty To Me
    I just lock my phone every now and then
  30. Pharrell Williams: Gust of Wind
    My heart is feel, With love , And cannot ounce again, So I get up there, And simple, You lift me up
  31. Streetheart: One More Time
    Walk or die
  32. Stone Temple Pilots: Wicked Garden
    I need a light, Someone, a light now, I know the darkness blinds you
  33. The Script: Science & Faith
    Having heavy conversations about my brothers , constipation.
  34. Hot Chocolate: I Believe in Miracles
    Genghis Khan, you sexy thing
  35. Tears for Fears: Elemental
    These days it'sĖ Aw, nevermind. It's elemental
  36. Jason Derulo: Trumpets
    In the trunk, b***h. There you go.
  37. Australian Crawl: Boys Light Up
    Boys line up
  38. My Chemical Romance: Fake Your Death
    'Coz even here, we're scared to bruise, Or any mystery you choose
  39. Daft Punk: Get Lucky
    We're rough on Mexican monkeys
  40. Black Keys: Little Black Submarines
    Little black submarines, On the radar screen, Put me back on the line
  41. Hollywood Undead: Dead Bite
    Gonna spit on your grave, and the gravedigger dig on it.
  42. Chumbawamba: Tubthumping
    I get no job but I get up again no your never gonna kick me , down..... Oh damn me boy, damn me boy..
  43. Ed Sheeran: Lego House
    I'm gonna pick up the feces, and build a Lego House
  44. Slipknot: The devil in I
    so step inside. you"ll see the devil in i! too many times before this i , got f***ed
  45. Pet Shop Boys: West End Girls
    Oh let's tear down the damn walls, for Eastern boys and western girls
  46. Jay-Z: Empire State Of Mind
    Humphrey jungle wins three tomatoes
  47. Pierce The Veil: Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides
    Can you make me believe in diarrhoea
  48. Nirvana: Downer
    don't forget to keep mastrubating
  49. Bob Dylan: Hurricane
    in the old arterial greed
  50. Andrew Lloyd Webber: Think Of Me
    We never said our love was ever good. . .
  51. Eagles: Hotel California
    Warm smell of collegiates, rising up through the air.
  52. Huey Lewis & the News: The Power of Love
    Tougher than Simon's bricks like cream, corduroys are a bad girls dream
  53. Magic!: Rude
    Why you gotta be so rude? Don't you know I'm Fu , Manchu?
  54. Sinead O'Connor: Nothing Compares 2 U
    It's been 7 owls and 15 days
  55. Phil Collins: In the Air Tonight
    I can feel it coming idiot tonight
  56. U2: Volcano
    Volcano, you donít wanna, you donít wanna know., Volcano, Something in your mouth to blow, Volcano, You donít wanna, you donít wanna know
  57. Neil Sedaka: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
    Breaking Up The Stars and The Moon!
  58. Dixie Cups: Chapel Of Love
    Goin' to the tractor pull and we're gonna get , married, Goin' to the tractor pull and we're gonna get , married, Gee, I really love you and we're gonna get married, Goin' to the tractor pull of love
  59. Hoobastank: The Reason
    I found a raisin for me, To change who I used to pee, A raisin to start of a nude, And the raisin is you
  60. Kiss: Cold Gin
    The comic store sells hill-lights for riots
  61. Rush: Fly By Night
    While I'm dancing my balls are "rehanceing", my hour's pissed away.
  62. Paul McCartney: My Brave Face
    My gray face
  63. Paul McCartney: My Brave Face
    I've been living a lie, it's just the man I am
  64. Usher: She came to give it to you
    I'm so on fuse, If you wanted news, She came and gave it to you
  65. Judas Priest: Turbo Lover
    I'm a turd bowl lover
  66. Searchers, The: Sweets For My Sweet
    Sweets for my sweet, sugarfoam or honey?
  67. Vampire Weekend: The Kids Don't Stand A Chance
    The devil stared in backstroke all the way from France
  68. Vampire Weekend: Everlasting Arms
    I took your cancer and came to ruin
  69. Mister, Mister: Kyrie
    Kyrie, ylang ylang on down the road that I must , travel...
  70. The B-52s: Roam
    Roll misty one two
  71. Led Zeppelin: Over The Hills and Far Away
    I live for my dream and a pocketful of girls
  72. Led Zeppelin: Good Times Bad Times
    When my woman left home with a one-armed man,
  73. Proclaimers: 500 Miles
    When I crumble yeah I know I'm gonna be.
  74. The Beatles: Ticket To Ride
    My baby donkey...
  75. The Beatles: Helter Skelter
    I hear you've been sleeping...
  76. The Beatles: Here Comes the Sun
    Some, some, some miracle....
  77. Sia: Chandelier
    'Cause I'm just often denied, 'Cause I'm just often denied, Oh, I'm just often denied, Often denied, Often denied
  78. The Fray: How to Save a Life
    I found Carl, on the corner of First and Omastar
  79. Black Sabbath: Paranoid
    I tell you to end your life
  80. Wiz Khalifa: What Iss Hittin
    Cheese like an old man
  81. Ariana Grande: Break Free
    I only wanna die a lot, never bothered hairs of a broken horse
  82. Priory: Weekend
    and all the pogroms, they keep calling, but there's no answer, cause it's the weekend
  83. Aerosmith: Love in an Elevator
    Lovin' an old potata
  84. Jason Aldean: She's Country
    Sexy swingin walls
  85. Far East Movement: Like a G6
    Popping bottles in the ice, like a wizzard
  86. Bee Gees: More Than A Woman
    Baldheaded woman, Baldheaded woman to me
  87. The Who: Behind Blue Eyes
    No one knows what it's like to be the batman to be the , sandman behind blue eyes
  88. INXS: Guns in the sky
    Da Na Na - Child grows up fatigued, Da Na Na - I used to be Anoemic
  89. Nelly Furtado: Man Eater
    Make you want more buffalo
  90. Paul Young: Senza Una Donna (Featuring Zucchero)
    Send Some Madonna
  91. Scissor Sisters: I Don't Feel Like Dancing
    You think that I could lost your love with liver salts that can't persuade
  92. Simon and Garfunkel: Mrs. Robinson
    God bless you please, Mrs. Robinson, Heaven holds a place for hoes who pray, Hey hey hey
  93. David Bowie: Suffragette City
    I got string on my face, this yellow fat chick just got that spider in the face!
  94. Iggy Azalea: Fancy
    And I'm still gonna murder *enis
  95. INXS: Mystify
    Mister fart
  96. Split Enz: I See Red
    Pull my *enis up and down the street, I see red, I , see red, I see red...
  97. Green Day: Homecoming
    The company lost the war to Deb!!!!
  98. Gwen Stefani: Holla Back Girl
    Oooh, touch my sh#t, touch my sh#t
  99. Grizzly Bear: Two Weeks
    Would you always,, Melisande (Melisandre?), Meli Meli, Take your time?
  100. Adele: Skyfall
    We will stand toe

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