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    Artist: Statler Brothers

    Song: Eve

    The Story: Don't eat the fruit in the garden, Eden,, It wasn't in God's natural plan., You were only a rib,, And look at what you did,, To Adam, the father of Man.

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    Artist: Queens of the Stone Age

    Song: You Can't Quit Me Baby

    The Story: You smell like goat, I'll see you in hell

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    Artist: Starship

    Song: Sarah

    The Story: All the b***h had said, all been washed in black

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    Artist: Iron Maiden

    Song: The Prisoner

    The Story: And my blunt is my ho now

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    Artist: Pearl Jam

    Song: Jeremy

    The Story: At home, drawing pictures, Of mounds of tots, With ham on top

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    1. AC/DC: Meltdown
      Its a moo cow!
    2. Theme Songs: Mystery Science Theater 3000
      He'll have to sit and watch them all , And the monitor is mine
    3. Descendents: Hope
      When he comes home, your bed had better not be , gone.
    4. Calvin Harris: Sweet Nothing
      You're giving me sexy elephant, sweet elephant. I'm living on , sexy elephant.
    5. Drowning Pool: Bodies
      Let the body set the flow
    6. The Who: Baba O'Riley
      I fumble my meals
    7. Fall Out Boy: The Take Over, The Break's Over
      an eternity in the dark with smiles on our faces
    8. Justin Timberlake: Sexy Back
      Come to the bank
    9. Carly Simon: You're So Vain
      You had one eye in the river as you watched , yourself garrotte
    10. Tina Turner: Better Be Good to Me
      'Cause I don't have the time, For your over loaded lime
    11. Commodores: Brick House
      She makes me freak out
    12. Elton John: Rocket Man
      Another man who thinks I am at home
    13. Aerosmith: Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
      Yeah, yeah Do me like a lady
    14. Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
      Speak trees are made of tyres, Who am I to Tissot dreams, Scrambled the world in the seventeen
    15. Madness: Our House
      Father haves his someday mess, Mother's tired she needs a rest, The kids are playing up those stairs, Sister staying in those s**ts
    16. John Mellencamp: Jack and Diane
      Change is coming 'round real soon, naked women in , bed.
    17. Megadeth: Five Magics
      Give me aquaman
    18. Linkin Park: No More Sorrow
      I paid for yummy steaks!
    19. Imagine Dragons: Believer
      Hey, you burp me up, you burp me up, believe it, , believe it.
    20. Luis Fonsi: Despacito
      Y hacer de tu cuerpo todo un manos fritos. , , Translation: And make your whole body a fried , hands.
    21. Pilot: Magic
      Never believe TIC TAC TOE !!!
    22. Fall Out Boy: Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends
      every body's soggy, everyone is soggy
    23. Selena Gomez: As A Blonde
      Come back as a boy trying to put lipstick on
    24. Bon Jovi: Bad Medicine
      Shake it up, just like bear venison.
    25. Abba: Lay All Your Love On Me
      They are your life on me
    26. Steve Winwood: Valerie
      No, she can't be that one
    27. Foreigner: Jukebox Hero
      Jukebox hero (just starting out)
    28. Girls Aloud: Can't Speak French
      I can't speak French, so I'll let the f*cking music do the talking
    29. Dream Theater: Trial Of Tears
      Cultivating my own nutsack
    30. Blue Mountain: Myrna Lee
      Well she's the only one I can afford,, Go down to the station, she's a waiting there.
    31. U2: Iris (Hold Me Close)
      Somthing in your a** took a thousand years to get here.
    32. Monkees: (Theme From) The Monkees
      We're to busy swingin' to bring anybody down
    33. Birds of Tokyo: The Saddest Thing I Know
      I see the dried up lettuce in your hair
    34. Dead Letter Circus: The Burning Number
      Sleeveless shirt if you seek no answers here
    35. Charlie Puth: Attention
      Throwin' that turtle on my name
    36. Dead Letter Circus: Y A N A
      The soap is your goddess
    37. Clean Bandit: Rather Be
      We all go to the bass
    38. Prince: When Doves Cry
      maybe i'm just like my father, too cold, maybe i'm just like my mother, she's never sat inside...
    39. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam: Lost in Emotion
      Miss Sarah Sarah
    40. Mark Lindsay: Arizona
      Air is sober
    41. Elton John: Tiny Dancer
      Hold me closer tiny dancer. Count the headlights on the highway. Low , so darlin' she's so blanchy. You had a beggar day today.
    42. Katy Perry: Hot N Cold
      Yeah, you pee a mess, like a girl I would know.
    43. AC/DC: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
      Dirty cheeks thunder cheeks
    44. Pendulum: Propane Nightmares
      She's a gunshot bride, shes a triggered Chrysler.
    45. Green Day: Burnout
      I do care. I want a can of lard.
    46. French Montana: Unforgettable
      I had enough gumbo for 24
    47. Birds of Tokyo: Crown
      Paul, look into my mouth
    48. Partynextdoor: Not Nice
      I need to order cola and it's no lie
    49. Steps: Tragedy
      Tragedy! When your earring's gone and you can't go on, it's , tragedy!
    50. Styx: Babe
      Bare bum leaving
    51. Owl City: I'm coming after you
      I'm on your tail in a hot fur suit.
    52. Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life
      I'm in a marijuana high when they're screamin' my , neigh, alright!
    53. Radiohead: Idioteque
      Take them only Iran
    54. Radiohead: Creep
      You felt like an enjure
    55. Depeche Mode: Personal Jesus
      Reach out and touch me, You're wrong, pass it on. Jesus.
    56. Bad Company: Ready For Love
      All my jews surely must be paid
    57. Prince: Controversy
      Count your blessings
    58. Def Leppard: Pour Some Sugar on Me
      Oh no shoot the hombre
    59. Aerosmith: Janie's Got a Gun
      "Don't mow in the , mud..."
    60. Usher: Scream
      Relax sing it on your back
    61. Sia: Cheap Thrills
      I got on my knees
    62. Billy Joel: Uptown Girl
      She's got her toys
    63. Fall Out Boy: Centuries
      Heavy metal parking lot.
    64. Creedence Clearwater Revival: Fortunate Son
      Some smoke the bong, and they wave the flag
    65. Dire Straits: Money For Nothing
      Money for nothing and you chase the flea
    66. Genesis: Invisible Touch
      She seems to have an invisible dog s**t
    67. Eddie Rabbit: Driving My Life Away
      Windshield wipers slapping out of tempo
    68. Styx: Mr. Roboto
      Don't know what he got, O Mr. Roboto
    69. Soundtracks: Do-Re-Mi
      Ti, a drink with jammon bread
    70. Elton John: Daniel
      I can see the red tail lights heading for Spiny Inn
    71. Beastie Boys: Intergalatic
      Intergalactic, kill the children, kill the children, intergalactic, Intergalactic, kill the children, kill the children, intergalactic, Intergalactic, kill the children, kill the children, intergalactic, Intergalactic, kill the children, kill the children
    72. Dionne Warwick: I'll never fall in love again
      What do you get when you kiss a guy? , You get enough germs to catch pneumonia , After you do, he'll never BONE YA
    73. Little River Band: Help Is On Its Way
      Hang on, tiny boys can stay
    74. Kim Carnes: Bette Davis Eyes
      She'll tease you. She'll adhese you. Hold a bed rush just to , please you.
    75. Fleetwood Mac: Say You Love Me
      You rule me until the sun comes up
    76. Fleetwood Mac: Rhiannon
    77. Elton John: Madman Across the Water
      I can read very well
    78. Elton John: Burn Down the Mission
      Give me the words, schools are out today
    79. Charlie Puth: Attention
      You've been runnin' round, runnin' round, runnin' round , throwin' a turtle on my knee
    80. Eagles: The Long Run
      I can't sing, dammit...I know it's true
    81. Marshall Tucker Band: Heard It In A Love Song
      I ain't never been with a woman long enough, before , my roots could take hold, We've been together so long now the old Main , Street's closed
    82. Todd Rundgren: Bang the Drum All Day
      I don't wanna work, I just wanna play and get drunk all day
    83. Prince: Raspberry Beret
      Rats marry their friends
    84. Savage Garden: I Want You
      And I am taken to a place, Where your breasts don't mind...
    85. Kelly Clarkson: Miss Independent
      Miss placemat
    86. Good Charlotte: The Anthem
      It's a new day, with all this love, It's a new life, because we're rockstars!
    87. Mariah Carey: Loverboy
      And when I shake a t*tty, take me for a ride
    88. Beyonce: Single Ladies
      I own a Single Lettuce
    89. Steppenwolf: Born To Be Wild
      Fry all of your guts a-and explode into spaaac
    90. The Beatles: Hard Day's Night
      When I'm home everything seems to Beatle right
    91. Bowling for Soup: Girl All The Bad Guys Want
      If you were me then you'd be screaming so much , you'd pee!
    92. Elton John: Bennie And The Jets
      Oh Bennie she's a rubber cane
    93. Marshall Tucker Band: Can't you see
      Gonna buy a chicken now.
    94. Robbie Williams: Millenium
      For any other
    95. Black Eyed Peas: Crown
      Paul, look into my mouth
    96. Kelis: Milkshake
      All the bells are ringing
    97. The Baja Men: Who Let the Dogs Out?
      Who licked a dog's snout? (who who who who)
    98. Macy Gray: I Try
      Though I try to hide it, it's clear, My wore goggles when you are not here
    99. Manfred Mann's Earth Band: Blinded by the Light
      Blinded by the light. wrapped up like a douche and her owner in the night.
    100. Fleetwood Mac: Monday Morning
      You only want me when I can't go for you