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Newest 100 Misheard Song Lyrics

Here are the newest 100 misheard song lyrics!

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  1. Pink Floyd: Pigs (Three Different Ones)
    Ha I should ride you out
  2. 30 Seconds to Mars: Attack
    Run away - Owl attack
  3. Def Leppard: Pour Some Sugar on Me
    Poison, shoot your own way, in the name of love.
  4. Green Day: State of Shock
    I can twist, like an ugly rock
  5. The Who: Baba O'Reilly
    Teenage waistline, Only a teenage waistline
  6. Journey: Don't Stop Believing
    Working hard to get my fill, everybody wants a , TRIAGE....
  7. Ingrid Michaelson: Girls Chase Boys
    All the Pokémons in the submarine
  8. Tegan and Sara: Burn Your Life Down
    Three years later, i s**t the frosting
  9. Nana Mouskouri: Only love
    Only love can make a man of me.
  10. Steps: 5,6,7,8
    My poop scooping baby is deiving crazy
  11. Tori Amos: Cornflake Girl
    And the man with the golden gun makes it , oh so much
  12. Colt Ford: ride thru the country
    Don't you ever ride with me
  13. The Black Keys: Gold on the ceiling
    My home on the ceiling
  14. Paul McCartney: Deliver Your Children
    Deliver your children to the good good life. , Give 'em peas and sugar and a f****ng knife.
  15. Europe: The Final Countdown
    We're heading for Venus penis
  16. Kylie Minogue: Spinning Around
    Threw away my papers, got me safer than a wardrobe
  17. The Move: California Man
    So I don't care if your eggs are bacon
  18. Scorpions: Dynamite
    shoot my heat into your butthead, and give you all my socks
  19. Glen Campbell: Rhinestone Cowboy
    And old folks comin' over the phone
  20. Shocking Blue: Venus
    I'm your penis
  21. Sonic Youth: Mary Christ
    You gotta go - you got a date now, Yeah I know - to copulate now
  22. Red Hot Chili Peppers: Californication
    Hot girls are poor
  23. Aerosmith: Angel
    I'm nuts in love, Let's pray for warm potatoes
  24. Toto: Africa
    It's gonna take a lot to take me away from you, , There's nothing that a hundred men on Mars could ever do
  25. Jimmy Eat World: The Middle
    Hey, don't rot yourself away.
  26. Marilyn Manson: Cruci-Fiction in Space
    The Adam of Eden was a bum
  27. Led Zeppelin: Going To California
    Going to California with a pigpen in my heart.
  28. Lana del Ray: Sad Girl
    He's got the flyer, and he walks with a face,, He's got the fire, and he talks with faith
  29. Eric Clapton: I Shot The Sheriff
    I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the amputee
  30. Anna Kendrick: Cups
    You're gonna miss me by my taco
  31. Traditional: The Lord's Prayer
    Give us our stale and daily bread...
  32. Traditional: Lord's Prayer
    And lead a snot into temptation...
  33. Traditional: Hail Mary (prayer)
    ...and bless it is the fruit that I won't, Jesus...
  34. Bauhaus: In The Flat Field
    I get burned, And you get burned, In the flat field
  35. Traditional: Hail Mary (prayer)
    Hail Mary, full of grass
  36. Smash Mouth: All Star
    She was lookin' kinda dumb, With her finger and her thumb, In the shape of an elf on her forehead
  37. Kelly Clarkson: I Do Not Hook Up
    Oh no, I do not hook up, I f*** deep
  38. Delta Goodrem: Predictable
    You're just so predictable in every way, I, I want you to know I know you're gay
  39. King Crimson: 21st Century Schizoid Man
    Cat's hood, I ain't Carl, No, surgeons screams, come on, A poor ananas, poison door, 21st century schizoid man
  40. Red Hot Chili Peppers: Around the World
    Robbin' in a stop because I met mad Brown
  41. Dschinghis Khan : Moskau
    She's sweet, I'm halfway dangerous.
  42. Fats Domino: Blueberry Hill
    Though we're apart, You butter me still
  43. Iggy Azalea: Fancy
    And I'm still in the murda bidness, I could hold your dam like , I'm giving lesson in physics
  44. Iggy Azalea: Fancy
    I'm so Passé
  45. Rolling Stones: Jumpin' Jack Flash
    It's alright, just passing some gas, it's all right I'm Jumpin' Jack Flash and I just passed gas
  46. Young Money: Bedrock
    My room is a juice box
  47. Bruce Springsteen: Prove it all night
    I've been working real hard, trying to get my *** clean
  48. Motorhead: Ace Of Spades
    The only god I need/The ace in space/The ace in space
  49. Judas Priest: Turbo Lover
    I'm your terrible lover.
  50. Eiffel 65: Blue (Da Ba Dee)
    I'm blue, I would beat off a guy
  51. The Who: Eminence Front
    Let's do the M&M strut
  52. Simon and Garfunkel: Scarborough Fair
    Are you going to clobber a bear?
  53. Hot Chocolate: You Sexy Thing
    I believe in Millwall
  54. Three Days Grace: Painkiller
    The toast that you dine on.
  55. John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown Band: Voice of America's Sons
    You better wake up, little Johnny, better wake up lil' Sue
  56. Gemini Club: Sparklers
    So, drive on the freeway,, cause I want to kill you.
  57. Sweet: Ballroom Blitz
    And the girl in the corner said Boy I wanna bone ya
  58. Aerosmith: Dream On
    Sing wiener, sing from the ear
  59. Bruno Mars: Marry You
    Is it the look in your eyes?, Or is it this dancing goose?
  60. Timbaland: Apologize
    It's too gay to call the guys
  61. Eric Clapton: Forever Man
    How many time must I display myself?, Before I can talk to the walls, 'fore I can talk to the walls
  62. 5 Seconds of Summer: Greenlight
    You're like the perfect mixture of making f***s and can you pee
  63. Kelly Clarkson: Miss Independent
    No longer need to be the best man
  64. Night Ranger: Don't Tell Me You Love Me
    I got a pickup *rection
  65. Imagine Dragons: Radioactive
    I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones, Enough to make my sisters moan
  66. Dr. Alban: Long time ago
    Such a long time ago, like a fallen angel, You drunk drove out of the blue
  67. Wild Cherry: Play That Funky Music
    Play that f***ing music white boy
  68. Alanis Morissette: Thank You
    How bout naughty cleaning death with stomping
  69. The Prodigy: Firestarter
    I'm the firestarter, touristic firestarter
  70. Chris Brown: Loyal
    These girls ain't lawyers, These girls ain't lawyers
  71. Ellie Goulding: Human
    The ground beef's done, the ground beef's done
  72. The Beatles: Mean Mr. Mustard
    Keeps a ten by four up his nose
  73. Cherub: Doses and Mimosas
    Dosas and mimosas, champagne and cocaine help to get me through.
  74. Def Leppard: Pour Some Sugar on Me
    Livin' like a lover with a red iPhone
  75. Katy Perry: Dark Horse
    So you want to play in my jeans
  76. They Might Be Giants: Don't Lets Start
    I've got a weird part
  77. Michael Jackson: Billie Jean
    The Village Inn is not my lover
  78. The Automatic: Monster
    What's that coming over the hill? Is it a lobster?! , Is it a lobster?!
  79. Weezer: El Scorcho
    I'm a lawn like you
  80. Florida Georgia Line: Dirt
    You get your hands in it, Plant your roots in it, Dusty head lights dance with your boobs in it
  81. The B-52s: Love Shack
    Bang, bang, your what? Henry, hustle!
  82. R.E.M.: Sitting Still
    We could gather, throw up beer
  83. Daft Punk: Get Lucky
    Threw up a Mexican monkey
  84. Imagine Dragons: On Top Of The World
    Paying my dues to the turd
  85. James Brown: I Feel Good
    So good, So good, I got a U
  86. Justin Bieber: Boyfriend
    I could be a German
  87. Idina Menzel: Let It go
    The coat never bothered me anyway
  88. Peter Frampton: Do You Feel Like we Do
    I wanna **** you
  89. Frank Zappa: Let's Make the Water Turn Black
    Oh! How they yearn to see Obama burn!
  90. Soundtracks: How Big The World Seems
    Why does the sky and the road wind forever?
  91. Soundtracks: Magic Adventures of Mumfie Soundtrack
    Soon, owls will screech day in and day out, and wide-awake bats fill , the sky
  92. DJ Bobo: Chihuahua
    And feel the stretches of daisies
  93. Aqua: Barbie Girl
    Come on Barbie, let's go potty
  94. Luciano Pavarotti: La donna è mobile
    Elephants, yes!
  95. Eminem: Rap God
    I'm beginning to feel like a rat god, rat god
  96. Katy Perry: Dark Horse
    So you wanna play with my Jeep?
  97. Adele: Rolling in the Deep
    *inger me in the depths of your dis pear!
  98. Lynyrd Skynyrd: Sweet Home Alabama
    Now one of the gays does not bother me
  99. Jethro Tull: Wind Up
    So to my old headmaster, And 21 who cares
  100. Deep Purple: Smoke On The Water
    We all came out to Montreaux, On a raging, heaving shoreline

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