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Newest 100 Misheard Song Lyrics

Here are the newest 100 misheard song lyrics!

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  1. Wolfmother: Collossal
    . . . 'cause she's running through the gut of the world - or - 'cause she's running through the call of the world
  2. Robin Gibb: August October
    I dry his curtains today!
  3. Roxy Music: Re-Make/Re-Model
    I tried, but I could not find a way/ City elf, , find my three eggs
  4. Pussycat Dolls: Buttons
    Lotion up my butt and spank it
  5. Ben & Alfie: 27 Year
    Where silence paints an image oven ever-ringing bell
  6. Steve Winwood: Higher Love
    My daughter heard:, "Bring me a pie of love", My son heard:, "Bring me papaya, Love"
  7. Robin Gibb: August October
    I dry his curtains today!
  8. Lady Gaga: Paparazzi
    Garage glamourous
  9. Taylor Swift: Blank Space
    Ga lonely stomachs lovers
  10. Neon Jungle: Braveheart
    Bring me in out stinking hot, Eat me up like wi-fi
  11. Rizzle Kicks: Lost Generation
    Oi be someone, if you beg to be fuller then you've lost your , weight, yeah
  12. AC/DC: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
    Dirty deeds, thunder sheets.
  13. Taylor Swift: Blank Space
    Gotta love those cosmic flowers
  14. Hozier: Take Me to Church
    Take me to town, I'll work like a dog we can fly a kite
  15. Coldplay: Speed Of Sound
    Chicken in China, I'll eat up.
  16. Pantera: Mouth For War
    I don't find any underwear
  17. ILOVEMAKONNEN: Tuesday
    Got the club goin' up / On a Tuesday / Got your girl in the color she choosin'
  18. Taylor Swift: Style
    And I got that redneck classic thing that you like
  19. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers: Free Fallin'
    Crazy brown elf
  20. Black Eyed Peas: Rock That Body
    Galactic call me Mr. Spock
  21. Fountains of Wayne: Workingmans's hands
    Now your Uncle Joan walked , A mile to school
  22. The Griswolds: Beware the Dog
    We used to toke and it felt like home
  23. Bruno Mars: Uptown Funk
    I like girls they masturbate
  24. Of Mice and Men: Would You Still Be There
    "If I could f**k the world"
  25. Motionless In White: Ghost In The Mirror
    Never take your balls,for granted again
  26. Three Days Grace: Pain
    Paint, without love!, Paint, I can't get enough!, Paint, I like it rough!, 'Cause I'd rather feel paint than nothing at all!
  27. Ultravox: Vienna
    It means nothing to me, This means nothing to me, Ah, Fi-Gar-Ro!
  28. Taylor Swift: Style
    The end of you
  29. Taylor Swift: Blank Space
    got to love those starcrossed lovers
  30. AC/DC: Back in Black
    "Bacon fat!"
  31. Stray Cats: Jump Jive and Wail
    "Drunk drivin' and you're a whale"
  32. Jon Cozart: After Ever after
    Alpacas aren't in this country
  33. Taylor Swift: Tim McGraw
    the moon like a spotlight on my leg
  34. Steve Miller Band: Jet Airliner
    Picked your dad at a line-up
  35. Bastille: What Would You Do
    Farmers and strippers trying to work for a buck
  36. Fall Out Boy: Centuries
    Here's to frozen fruit
  37. Gin Blossoms: Found Out About You
    Whispers at the bus stop, well I've heard about Max at the schoolyard
  38. Boz Scaggs: Lido Shuffle
    He be makin' like a feline, Headin' for the borderline, goin' for broke
  39. Elton John: Bennie And The Jets
    She's got electric boobs, her ma has too
  40. Doobie Brothers: Takin' It To The Streets
    Diggity-doo that's me
  41. Paul McCartney: Jet
  42. Idina Menzel: Let It go
    Let the storm rage on, Nicole never bothered me anyway
  43. Snoop Dogg: Sweat
    Can you get me up like a mate from my first class
  44. Taylor Swift: Blank Space
    Goblin Starbucks Lovers
  45. The Beatles: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
    The girl with the microscope eyes
  46. Van der Graaf Generator: The Sleepwalkers
    If I only had time,, If I only had time,, But summertime is heaven, Heaven, Heaven
  47. Train: Drops Of Jupiter
    Sticking it up in you
  48. Christina Perri: Jar of Hearts
    collecting your jar of farts
  49. Christina Perri: Jar of Hearts
    going round leaving stars
  50. Imagine Dragons: Radioactive
    I'm waking up, I feel it in my clothes enough to make my sister , glow
  51. Coldplay: Viva La Vida
    Listen, Mr. Krabs would say,
  52. Eminem: Not Afraid
    This f**kin' black crowd still follows me around
  53. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers: Mary Jane's Last Dance
    Love stands for marriage cake
  54. Shinedown: Second Chance
    I just saw Hayley’s comet Julie / Said “why you always running in place?"
  55. Mark Ronson: Uptown Funk
    Them good girls straight masturbating
  56. Bruno Mars: Uptown Funk
    Michelle fight for that white gold
  57. Bruno Mars: Uptown Funk
    I'm too hot (hot damn), Make a dragon ball of retirement
  58. Paul McCartney: Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
    Admiral Halsey's going to fight me
  59. Scorpions: We built this house
    When the rain fell, And the flood came, And the wind blew hot like a hammer on these walls, We didn't crack or break or fall, We built this house in Iraq, This house in Iraq
  60. The Wonder Years: Dismantling Summer
    I throw up on your back porch , And I watched the storms light up play grounds
  61. Mamas and the Papas: California Dreamin'
    I've been for-a-warned, on a winters day
  62. Meat Loaf: I'd Do Anything for Love
    Cause we've been too lewd on a midsummer night swing
  63. Charlie XCX: Boom Clap
    Oh! Crap!, The sound of my heart, The beat goes nananananana, Oh! Crap!, You make me feel good, Come on to me, come on to me now
  64. Kylie Minogue: Too Much
    It's like a shark with tuna brain.
  65. Ke$ha: Tik Tok
    don't stop making pot!
  66. Steve Winwood: Higher Love
    I don't like banana with my shoulder pie
  67. Bruno Mars: Uptown Funk
    "'Cause I'm some punk gonna give it to you"
  68. Beyonce: Best Thing I Never Had
    You turned out a paedo...
  69. Shania Twain: You're Still The One
    Looks like we mated
  70. Mariah Carey: Open Arms
    Your saucy sea
  71. Kelly Clarkson: People Like Us
    Throw your fish in the air.
  72. Sara Bareilles: Brave
    I wanna see you be crazy
  73. Traditional: The rattling bog
    Ohhh, the rat in a bra!
  74. Meghan Trainor: Lips are Moving
    "Talking about tacos with your tongue"
  75. Zedd: Find You
    I'll run away with your food stamps
  76. Depeche Mode: People Are People
    I can't understand, why Raisin Bran help another man? help me , understand.
  77. Magic!: Rude
    Don't you know that's what humans do?
  78. Right Said Fred: I'm Too Sexy
    I'm 264 my shirt,, 264 my shirt,, 260 it hurts
  79. Autograph: send her to me
    Guess you really made her feel so horny
  80. Lita Ford: Kiss Me Deadly
    Kiss me daddy
  81. Bruno Mars: Uptown Funk
    Uptown f**k you up!
  82. Lorde: Royals
    You can call me green bean
  83. Panic! At The Disco: Turn Off the Lights
    Disarm my insecure titties
  84. Saving Abel: Sex Is Good
    I'm not in love with the sexiest dude
  85. Mark Ronson: Uptown Funk
    Silent, violent, livin' it up in the city
  86. Sam Smith: Leave Your Lover
    suck my milkmaid sour free
  87. Counting Crows: Big Yellow Taxi
    They pay paradise to up a f***ing light.
  88. Searchers, The: Love Potion No.9
    I took my troubles down to Madame Rue, You know that gypsy with the gold tattoo, She's got a pad down at Petticoat Mine, sellin' little bottles of Love Potion #9, , 2nd verse is the same, , She bent down and turned around and gave me a wink, She said I'm
  89. Ariana Grande: Problem
    Head in the clouds, Got no weight off my trousers
  90. Fleetwood Mac: Sisters of the Moon
    Some call her sister of the moon, Some say illusions, Are her game
  91. Kelly Clarkson: Already Gone
    Looking ugly makes it harder, But I know that you'll find another
  92. Elton John: Healing Hands
    Reach out for the healin' hands, Reach out for the healin' hands, Never liked when the doctor said,, "Touch me now, and let me see again.", Doctor, now! With your dentin' healin' hands.
  93. Mika: Love Today
    Jaques Jaques Lee
  94. Was (Not Was): Walk The Dinosaur
    Walkin' the dog, get on the floor., Everybody walk the dinosaur.
  95. Fleetwood Mac: Dreams
    I'm only white that you survive but listen carefree but listen happily , to the sound of your loneliness.Run run only happens when it's , raining
  96. Peter Allen: I Go To Rio
    I go to Rio, there's an arrow
  97. Gino Vanelli: Black Cars (Look Better In The Shade)
    She wears an acre of wax
  98. AC/DC: Have A Drink On Me
    Have a dream on me
  99. Die Antwoord: Enter the Ninja
    I seen the future, but I never got nothing in my , hand, Except my homophobic dreams and a pan.
  100. David Bowie: Did you ever have a dream
    did you ever have a dream or two, where the hero is a cunning Jew
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